The goal of this project is to engage in the design thinking process step by step, exploring the ways in which this process can be used to create effective and relevant solutions for social change. I was presented with the topic of accessibility and was inspired to question visual accessibility within the medium of graphic design. Primary and secondary research was conducted which resulted in an emotional responsibility to engage with communication more inclusively.  Visual artists are creating work that is not accessible to the visually impaired & blind. While solutions are available, the conversation is not. Emit is a theoretical exhibition that will provoke a proactive conversation about inclusive design. 
we think we design for all people

listen to Linda's experience 

non visual design is still design 
My response is an installation for the sighted and visually impaired and blind. I created a universal space where both groups can have a similar experience. I would have an audible artist statement visitors would hear before entering the space. The space would be navigable in the dark with lights surrounding key surfaces in the exhibition. Each room would represent an individual I met with at the Association for the Visual Impaired and Blind. The sensory objects would vary depending on their level of impairment and would represent their unique experience. The headphones would play audio, sharing each individual’s unique experience with design with visual impairment.

listen to the artist statement

listen to Deb and Dan's experience 

layout of the rooms in the exhibition space

A podcast that would continue the conversation of visibility in accessibility. Interviews would be conducted with individuals from various industries.

listen to the podcast intro

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